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Meet the custom Glock designed and built for real-world use. Not just a cosmetically enhanced stock gun, our custom Glock for sale is built from the ground up with our parts on the unstoppable Glock Gen3 platform.

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Begin by selecting the grip stippling work and frame modifications that suit your mission and budget. All of our custom 9mm pistols vastly improve upon the stock Glock grip.  The frame is totally reshaped and stippled for better ergonomics and control under rapid fire. All of our grip work is carefully done by hand and perfectly blended for a result that is as visually appealing as it is effective. You will see and feel the difference in our custom Glocks the instant you handle it. We start by removing material beneath the trigger guard (undercut) to allow the pistol to sit as low as possible in the shooter’s hand.  This reduces muzzle flip and allows for fast follow up shots.  If you select the premium package, we add a second undercut beneath the trigger guard to improve the positioning of the support hand.  The premium package also includes a “scallop” around the magazine button to ease access to the magazine release and adds index pads to each side of the frame.  Finally, we apply a visually consistent texture that substantially enhances controllability without making the gun so “rough” that it is uncomfortable to carry.  As part of our custom Glocks for sale, you can choose from a traditional fine texture or a slightly more aggressive texture that we have developed in house.  Both are appropriate for daily carry (not excessively sharp).

The next step in creating your personalized compact Glockis to choose the slide design, including the slide milling and slide coating you would like. We offer a range of slides for every possible use and price point. Choose to keep your custom 9mmpistol build simple with our Enhanced Carry Slide, which features precisely machined serrations and pocket cuts. Or, upgrade your Glock custom build a bit further by choosing the COPS Slide, which stands for Combat Optimized Pistol Slide. The C.O.P.S. Slide was originally created as a custom slide project for a Law Enforcement agency who wanted to provide an affordable option for officers wishing to upgrade to an RMR optic. We liked it so much that we brought it to all of our customers. Our most popular slide chosen for custom built Glocks is the Optics Ready Slide, offered in both FDE and DLC finishes. The Optics Ready Slide features weight-reducing window cutout and pocket cuts. If you expect to use your custom 9mmpistol in extremely adverse conditions, consider the LFT Hybrid Grip Slide. The LFT Hybrid Grip Slide was designed in partnership with Dan Brokos to be the most versatile grip surface slide on the market. Featuring aggressive serrations combined with industrial strength grip tape, this slide is built to be used with or without gloves and in any conditions, rain, shine, wet, frozen, muddy, anything. Our RMR cut slides are compatible with both the Trijicon RMR and the Holosun 507c.

Next, choose the match-grade barrel threaded options and finish to go with our custom Glocks for sale. The 416R stainless steel barrels feature a 1 in 10 broach cut conventional rifling and slightly tighter lock-up in critical areas. The result is a high-reliability barrel with improved accuracy. Unlike Glock, our barrels can be safely used with unjacketed lead bullets for high-volume shooters who reload. Our barrels are finished in three high-performance coatings: Gold Titanium Nitride (TiN), Bronze Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN), and Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). Each of these finishes have been selected by Shadow for their durability and lubricity.

Next, choose the trigger. We offer a stock Glock trigger or our proprietary Shadow Systems Elite Trigger which is a flat-faced aluminum trigger. Our trigger was designed to improve the shoot ability of the gun under stress without sacrificing safety and common sense. Using the Elite Trigger, you will experience a 4-4.5 lbs. break with a slightly reduced take-up and crisp reset. The Elite Trigger is a combat trigger.  Unlike others in the market, the Elite Trigger leaves all of Glock’s internal safeties intact.

When designing sights, our goals included optimizing performance under rapid fire, improving speed and accuracy in low light, a tight lower 1/3 co witness with optics, and the ability to do emergency manipulations using the rear sight.  If you are building a dedicated optic custom 9mm pistol, we normally suggest the basic black front sight. Optics these days are so reliable, that the sights really can be thought of as purely a backup.  Therefore, a basic black front sight “stays out of the way” unless you need it and allows you to concentrate on tracking the red dot sight.  However, if you would like a high visibility sight, consider the fiber optic or green outline tritium options.  The green outline tritium is perhaps the best of both worlds.  The outline is very bright and easy to track by day, the tritium gives you a rapid index point at night.  Please note, we believe in and install a solid black rear sight on all configurations.  Our position is that dots and bars on the rear sight add more chaos (and cost) to your sight picture than you need.  A bold front sight draws your focus where it should be for rapid shooting.  At night, the tritium dot is more than enough for accurate shooting at combat distance.  We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t even see dots on the rear sight if you are fighting for your life at night.

The pistol includes 2x magazines, cable lock, and a very practical zippered pistol rug that is great for trips to the range. For whatever the need, Shadow System’s custom Glocks for saleare up for the challenge. If you have any questions about our custom 9mm, or if you’re a dealer with inquiries, contact us at support@shadowsystemscorp.comor 1-469-458-6808.

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