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Shadow Systems

Shadow Systems Elite Trigger

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There are lots of triggers out there.  Why this one? 

The goal for our trigger was to incorporate the best characteristics of a premium flat-faced trigger in a no-nonsense design that is ready for daily carry and hard-use duty.  Basically, this is a trigger that will improve the shootability of the gun under stress without sacrificing safety and common sense.

What about this flat faced business?  Even if you have never been interested in flat-faced triggers (most of us started out that way), you owe it to yourself to try one--you'll like it.  There is no question that for most shooters, the flat faced trigger gives a crisper, more controlled feel to the trigger.  It also makes it easier to "shoot to reset" which most people regard as the best way to break clean, accurate shots with a modern DAO/Safe-action design.  

Our triggers are all business--we use a tough, matte black anodize finish and aggressively chamfer the edges to avoid wearing on your finger in long shooting sessions.  The reset point is designed to be slightly shorter and crisper than a factory trigger, but not so insanely short as to make your gun unsafe for daily carry, threat management, and trigger control under stress. 

Kit Includes:

  • Trigger compatible with Gen 3 or 4 Glock 9/40/357 models (excluding G43)
  • Trigger Bar


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