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Extractor 9mm - Billet

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Our high-reliability 9mm extractor is machined from a solid billet of 17-4 stainless material and then heat treated to our exact specifications.  The result is a super-tough component that is capable of withstanding thousands of rounds and tremendous abuse.  The hook stays sharp and reliably and repeatedly extracts all kinds of fired casings.  Many customers have reported that our extractor has solved issues with weak and inconsistent extraction, brass to the face or down the shirt, etc.

  • Compatible with all 9mm models, except G43
  • Machined from heat treated 17-4 billet material
  • LCI (Loaded Chamber Indicator)
  • We are often asked about the coating.  The gold/copper color comes from the special heat treating the part receives.  It is corrosion resistant as a result of the stainless steel base material.

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