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Shadow Systems SS9C Compact 9mm Pistol (FULLY CONFIGURABLE)



We are proud to offer what we believe is the pinnacle of the defensive carry Glock 19 configuration for a price that is utterly unbeatable. 

Our pistol is built on Glock's most proven platform used by U.S. Special Operations - the unstoppable Gen3.

The gun is fully configurable to your exact requirements. Keep it simple with the Carry slide and a basic DLC black barrel, or incorporate precision machine work on the slide and barrel and custom finishes.  

Our pistols vastly improve upon the stock Glock grip.  We start by removing material beneath the trigger guard (undercut) to allow the pistol to sit as low as possible in the shooter's hand.  This reduces muzzle flip and substantially increases controllability during rapid fire.  If you select the premium package, we add a second undercut beneath the trigger guard to improve the positioning of the support hand.  The premium package also includes a "scallop" around the magazine button to ease access to the magazine release and add index pads to each side of the frame.  Finally, we apply a visually consistent texture that substantially enhances controllability without making the gun so "rough" that it is uncomfortable to carry.  Choose from a traditional fine texture or a slightly more aggressive texture that we have developed in house.  Both are appropriate for daily carry (not excessively sharp).

All of our grip work is carefully done by hand and perfectly blended.  This makes it substantially more consistent and visually appealing than other grip work in the market.  You will see and feel the difference in our pistol the instant you handle it.

Features Overview:

  • Front and rear aggressive cocking serrations
  • Your choice of sights
  • Match grade barrel in your choice of machining and finish
  • 3.5 lbs connector
  • Tuned trigger pack (4-4.5 lbs. pull weight)
  • All factory safeties are kept intact
  • Factory weight springs for reliability
  • Front left and right indexing pads
  • Single or double undercut
  • Wraparound texture that is aggressive in the hand but not 'sharp' enough to make carry uncomfortable
  • 2x Magpul magazines
  • Lockable plastic case

LEAD TIME: Our lead times are normally 1-4 weeks, depending on what you ordered.  There are over 40,000 possibilities when designing a Shadow Systems pistol so it is impossible for the website to accurately show you if your design is "in stock."  In general, 1-4 weeks is a good estimate, but email us at if you need something more precise.  Be sure and include the contents of your build in the email.

THIS IS AN FFL ITEM.  After placing your order, you will be contacted by our sales group to provide FFL information.

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